Step into Tanzania’s Cultural Tapestry: Explore 45+ Tribal Homes at Dar El Salam’s Village Museum

Village Museum in Dar El Salam - Tanzania
Village Museum in Dar El Salam - Tanzania

The Village Museum in Dar El Salam showcases over 45 houses from Tanzania’s 120 tribes, aiming to connect future generations with their roots.

Nigerian tour operator Tolu Adesholu emphasizes the importance of experiencing African culture first-hand.

Visitors can explore recreated villages representing different ethnic groups, with houses serving as artifacts of generational knowledge.

According to senior curator Wolbert Lema, the museum features various house types, including Thembe, Msonge, and Banda, offering insights into traditional architecture.

Balancing modernization and tradition

Curators at the museum say that as young Africans increasingly embrace foreign life style, there is a risk of losing elements of their cultural identity.

In order to make touring the museum more attractive and engaging, the curators have adopted techniques to make African history exciting like blending the village tour with cultural interactive experiences. This includes dances where visitors join in as well. To bring a feel of 17th century Tanzania.

Video credit: Africanews