I couldn’t recognise people before the surgery – Nigerian actor Zack Orji opens up

Zack Orji
Zack Orji

Nigerian actor Zack Orji has revealed the shocking details of his recent health crisis, disclosing that he underwent two brain surgeries after collapsing at his home in December 2023.

“I’m here in the UK to see my doctor, Doctor John. I had two surgeries back in Nigeria, two brain surgeries because I slumped in the bathroom,” he said in an interview with local media.

The veteran actor recounted how he was discovered on the floor by a friend who rushed him to the hospital after he slumped for the second time. “My friend Ahmed was in the UK at the time and the people in the house called him to say that they had been knocking on my door since morning and had not been receiving any response,” Orji said.

He further explained that during his hospitalization, he struggled to recognize visitors, including government officials and well-wishers. “Immediately before the surgery I couldn’t recognise people I couldn’t remember them while we were talking, it was my wife who told me who came,” he said.

Orji also revealed the necessity of undergoing two surgeries due to the presence of residual blood clots in his brain. “On the first of January, the first surgery was carried out… I kept going for different kinds of scans for about a month thereafter and when I went for another scan and they discovered that they were still some residue of a blood clot in my brain,” he explained.

The actor expressed gratitude for his survival, attributing it to divine intervention. “I can only say that it’s by the grace of God that I’m alive today because I passed out. I was out for like five and a half hours before help came,” he added.

Zack Orji’s revelation sheds light on the vulnerability of even the most celebrated personalities to health crises, emphasizing the importance of prompt medical attention and awareness.