Spotify spotlights the 7 Africans nominated at the 66th Grammy Awards

South African musician Tyla
South African musician Tyla

In anticipation of the 2024 Grammy Awards set to take place on February 4th, Spotify is taking centre stage to honour the African artists who have garnered nominations at this prestigious event, showcasing the immense influence of African music on the global scene.

2023 was no doubt a good year for African music, witnessing unprecedented success on sold-out stages, the rise of viral tracks, electrifying inauguration performances, and the introduction of the coveted “Best African Music Performance” category at the Grammys.

The upcoming Grammy Awards boast an impressive line-up of seven talented African artists, each contributing their unique flair to the global music landscape. From Asake’s electrifying energy to Tyla’s smooth R&B vibes and Burna Boy’s genre-bending genius, the nominations serve as a testament to the rich tapestry of musical talent emerging from Africa. This year’s Grammy celebration promises to be a joyous occasion, showcasing music that transcends borders and ignites the passions of listeners worldwide.

As the worlds waits to hear who emerges victorious on the night, Spotify is taking the opportunity to shine a spotlight on these extraordinary individuals who consistently elevate our musical experience with their exceptional artistry.

Burna Boy

Leading the pack is Burna Boy, the Nigerian superstar who needs no introduction, reigning supreme as one of the most popular and influential African artists on the global stage. Join us in celebrating these remarkable talents as they continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of music.

His record-shattering four Grammy nominations, including a history-making nod for Best Melodic Rap Performance, the first for an African lead artist, are a testament to his global influence. His 2023 album I Told Them.. and the electrifying anthem City Boys have become ubiquitous, blasting on repeat worldwide.

And while he may be a global superstar, his talent is still appreciated at home, with Lagos taking the first spot as the city streaming him most since the Grammy nomination.


Tyla, the chart-topping South African songstress isn’t just sing- ing, she’s making history. Her song Water made a splash at #67 on the Billboard Hot 100, and rightfully earned her a Grammy nomination for Best African Music Performance.

But it’s her soulful melodies that weave the real magic, leaving listeners, especially her female audience who make up 59% of her streams, wanting more. Spotify data shows the US is leading the Tyla fan club, while Melbourne is the top city streaming her tunes. Her breakout hit Water has not stopped topping the charts, and is still her most streamed song post the announcement, proving its enduring appeal.

Musa Keys

Buckle up, because this rising star is ready to sweep you off your feet. Musa Keys is the collaboration maestro. Teaming up with Davido on the hit track “Unavailable,” this South African producer and artist adds his distinct flavor to the musical melting pot..

The collaboration earned him his first Grammy nomination for “Best African Music Performance” reflecting the power of collaboration and the beauty of cross-cultural harmony. And the magic doesn’t stop there! The announcement sent his streams skyrocketing by 83% on Spotify, with searches for his name jumping a staggering 315% in a single day, the highest among all the nominated artists.

Talk about immediate impact! Spotify data also reveals that Musa Keys’ music resonates most with younger listeners compared to the other nominees. This is a prophet accepted in his own hometown, with South Africa making up his biggest listenership.