Ramadhani Brothers crowned first-ever winners of America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League.

Ramadhani Brothers performing at Americas Got Talent
Ramadhani Brothers performing at Americas Got Talent

Tanzanian duo, Fadhili Ramadhani, aged 36, and Ibrahim Jobu, aged 26, are winners of the inaugural season of America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League (AGT). Their stunning performance beat out nine other finalists, earning them not only the coveted trophy but also a substantial cash prize of $250,000 (£198,000).

Renowned for their audacious head-balancing acts, the Ramadhani Brothers captivated audiences and judges alike throughout the competition. Judge Howie Mandel hailed their routine as “one of the most nerve-wracking acts in [AGT] history,” adding to the acclaim surrounding their skill and daring.

Reflecting on their win, Fadhili Ramadhani expressed profound gratitude, emphasizing the life-changing impact of their victory. “Our lives are changing from this moment,” he told US Today magazine. The win holds immense significance for the brothers, symbolizing not only personal achievement but also the realization of their dreams.

Ibrahim Jobu shared their plans for the prize money, highlighting a commitment to enhancing their craft and supporting their community in Tanzania. “We will use the funds to procure additional equipment and upgrade our training facilities,” he explained to People Magazine. “Moreover, we aim to uplift fellow acrobats in our community and invest in our future by acquiring land and building our own homes.”

The Ramadhani Brothers have made history as the first Tanzanian performers to headline a show on the illustrious Las Vegas Strip. Their captivating acts, which feature intricate balancing feats amidst a backdrop of thrilling sets, captivated audiences and secured their place as frontrunners in the AGT: Fantasy League competition.

In the climactic final, one of the brothers showcased extraordinary agility by navigating a pair of ladders while balancing his sibling on his head—a testament to their unparalleled skill and showmanship.

The triumph of Fadhili Ramadhani and Ibrahim Jobu not only celebrates their individual talent but also represents a triumph for Tanzania on the global stage, inspiring audiences worldwide with their extraordinary journey and exceptional abilities.

They then moved to their second act, where one of the blindfolded brothers climbed a tall ladder while simultaneously balancing the other on his head.

Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan has tweeted her congratulations on X, saying in Swahili: “Your journey continues to show that effort, discipline, dedication and self-confidence are important pillars to achieve success. You promote our country well and set a good example for others.”

The Ramadhani Brothers have appeared in several “Got Talent” franchises, including in Australia, Spain and Romania.

Ramadhani and Jobu were finalists in the 2023 main AGT competition, losing to Romanian-born performer Adrian Stoica and his dog Hurricane.