Kanye West excites fans with Lagos, Nairobi shows tease

Kanye West poses as he arrives to attend Dries...

US rapper Kanye West sparks excitement in Kenya and Nigeria as he includes these countries as potential venues for his upcoming tour.

The rapper’s Instagram stories reveal a list of tentative venues, with Eko Energy City in Lagos and Nyayo International Stadium in Nairobi among the chosen locations.

West also expresses interest in performing at Egypt’s Giza Pyramids. While an official announcement is yet to be made, the tour list creates anticipation among fans in Kenya and Nigeria, leading to playful jokes on social media.

One Kenyan fan humorously remarks that West must visit a country with the same syllables as his own name. Other fans join in, requesting early announcement of ticket prices to facilitate saving.

However, fans from South Africa and other countries express disappointment, echoing historical concerns of Western musicians often excluding the continent from their international tours.