Actor Kanayo Kanayo raises alarm on the dangers of YouTube skits on Nollywood

Nigerian vetran actor kanayo O Kanayo

Nollywood veteran Kanayo O. Kanayo has raised concerns about the approach actors are taking to YouTube content creation. In a video shared on Instagram, he highlighted the rush to capitalize on the platform’s opportunities, cautioning against short-sighted tactics for quick gains.

“Unfortunately, like anything that comes to Nigeria, people jump in and try to mess it up,” Kanayo remarked, noting the trend among actors to prioritize one-day shoots for higher pay. He emphasized the unsustainable nature of this practice, expressing worry for the well-being of those involved.

“The whole irony of one-day shoot is not sustainable,” Kanayo explained. “Some of them now make it so difficult for producers and tell you one day shoot is 1 million to 1.5 million one day shoot. Unfortunately, my very high-standing colleague who started this one-day shoot go and asked him, unfortunately, he’s not in good health.”

His comments underscore the need for a shift towards long-term success and mindful content-creation practices within the industry.