Afrobeats Singer Teni Warns Beggars: ‘Fear God!’

Afrobeats sensation Teni
Afrobeats sensation Teni

Afrobeats sensation, Teni, has delivered a firm message to those incessantly seeking financial assistance from her, urging them to consider their actions in the eyes of God.

Taking to her Instagram account on March 19, 2024, the singer humorously addressed what she dubbed the “Beggars Association,” expressing her frustration with their persistent requests. She questioned their lack of conscience and urged them to show more restraint.

Addressing the “Beggars Association of Nigeria,” she exclaimed, “Who is your president? I need to speak to your president because you seem to have lost all sense of conscience and fear of God.”

Teni emphasized her dismay at the frequency of these requests, highlighting instances where individuals would repeatedly ask for money within a short period. She emphasized that she is not their parent and urged them to reflect on their actions, asking, “Did they write your name on my head? Don’t you fear God?”

Expressing her disappointment at the lack of compassion shown towards her personal well-being, Teni noted that the requests have escalated to include donations in foreign currencies. She cautioned against this behavior, stating, “Now they don’t even ask for naira anymore, they ask for USD and pounds. Be careful, even God Himself requires patience. I’m not God, we’re all human.”

Teni’s remarks echo similar sentiments expressed by Nollywood icon Chinedu Ikedieze, popularly known as Aki, who, in July 2023, also vented his frustrations about constant requests for financial assistance via Instagram.

In his post, Aki lamented the overwhelming nature of these messages, likening his DMs to a financial institution. He pleaded with followers to consider their responsibilities and refrain from making such requests.

Both Teni and Aki’s messages highlight the need for individuals to exercise restraint and empathy when seeking assistance from public figures, emphasizing the importance of respecting boundaries and considering the impact of their actions.